Healthy Places

Clean air For you and your city

Healthy Places in the World's first mobile navigation app that takes you from A to B through least polluted routes. By using Healthy Places for moving across cities, you protect your own health, your loved ones and the environment.

Air Quality is the Greatest Environmental Health Threat of our Times

Air Quality is the Greatest Environmental Health Threat of our Times

Around 7 million people die annually due to reasons arising from bad air quality. Smog is an issue in nearly all European cities. WHO research covering 357 European cities in 33 countries, show that almost 83% of the population in these cities was exposed to PM10 levels exceeding the WHO guidelines. Especially vulnerable to air pollution are small children and people with chronical illnesses.

Introducing HealthyPlaces

  • HealthyPlaces is a smartphone app that enables citizens to walk from A to B while exposing themselves to the least possible levels of air pollution.

  • The app provides air quality-based step-by-step walking routes for citizens to protect themselves from smog and raise awareness for the global problem of air pollution. 

  • Air quality data is calculated in real-time based on a combination of satellite data, public air quality measurement data and our custom ground sensor data

  • You are able to compare fastest routes with the healthiest routes

Soon available in first cities

How does the application work


Search for any destination that you are planning to visit - be that workplace, school, play ground, grocery store or any other address


Find the healthiest route recommendation to your destination. The app gives you step-by-step instructions like any other navigation application

Get rewards

The app includes gamification elements that reward you for all steps taken on healthy routes.

Interested in hearing more?

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824478